We Nearly Split Because of A Lady – Keche

It is common knowledge, even to the most casual consumer of music that musical groups don’t last forever and that the monster everyone refers to as ‘irreconcilable differences,’ always shows up whenever gifted people get together for a common cause.

Internationally-acclaimed groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC, Spice Girls, Commodores, Jackson 5, Wailers and many others broke up at various times for reasons that included huge falling outs, untimely deaths and over-dependence on drugs.

Here in Ghana, most artistes break away from the comfort and protection of a group to seek freedom, success and validation as solo acts. But, while others succeed, others are struck by tragedy along the way. Historically, groups like Irene and Jane, Echo, Akyeame, Nkasɛɛ, Dobble, Praye, et al. have broken up in the recent past for obvious reasons.

Well, Keche Joshua in a healthy conversation with Emcee Bebe, host of Entertainment Xtra show on Cape 93.3FM over the weekend posited that they (Keche music group) nearly split because of a lady. He made this shocking revelation when he was highlighting on why music groups break up.

“The issue of women can’t be overlooked when talking about why music groups split. We’ve had similar experience which nearly collapsed Keche but we were quick to resolve issues. For Keche as a group was there before the lady came into the scene so we won’t allow her to cause our separation”, Joshua of Keche fame revealed.

He further advised his colleague group musicians not to allow any desperate woman to mess up their hard-earned reputation. He added that other factors such as immaturity as well as money has what it takes to cause separation of music groups. But to him, when there’s maturity, no group separation causative factor can overtake them.

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